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Zenith Chat Room
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                          Welcome to Zenith!

We here at Zenith welcome all new commers, and veteran members alike. In Runescape our home world is 22, most of our clan events are held there, if you have any requests for clan events Epilog and Bombs are the best people to ask. As far as the enviorment goes, we are pretty relaxed, and respectfull to all our members. As long as you dont offend any one, avoid cursing in clan chat, and participate in some clan activites you'll be just fine! Right now we have more Skillers in the clan than Combatants, at the moment we are trying to balance that out, we are encouraging people to raise their cb lvl to increase clan stregth by, offering clan tournaments at Epilog's in game house with rewards for winners, setting up premade dungeoneering groups, raiding clan wars, and killing easier miscellaneous bosses such as the GIANT MOLE!!! ...ect

Also you may join our CC at any time by joining BombS Away48

Guild News

Adjustments to Ranking System

Yang054, Dec 28, 10 3:14 PM.
Just a quick little update:

Due to the large amount of people joining the clan, the unstable rank ratio, and the shortage of rank tests, the new starting rank is recruit (happy face).
Getting promoted from there is only a short amount of time. There is no test to be promoted from recruit.
Consider it a very short probation.


Smidoc-dan, Dec 20, 10 12:59 PM.
Hey guys, this is an exciting update! I have cleared the old achievemnt system and made a new AWSOME one! To get these achievment stars and titles next to your name you have to activly do random stuff around the website to unlock a title... for example, post 10 replies on forum posts, u get the helping hand title or somthing, get it .. okay! If you want to find out what the Achievments are you will have to be active on the website to find out =]   
Woof Woof!

Weekend Dungeoneering

Yang054, Dec 10, 10 11:55 PM.
As shown on the calender, there will be group dungeoneering this weekend.
It will be on Saturday, Sunday, or maybe both days.
Here are the most likely times:

Saturday: 14:00-19:00 Pacific time
Sunday:   13:30-19:00 Pacific time

Saturday: 17:00-22:00 Eastern time
Sunday:   16:30-22:00 Eastern time

Fill up our roster!

Smidoc-dan, Dec 9, 10 6:52 PM.
Hey guys just a quick reminder we should try to get as many CC members to register on this Website! To fill up our Roster and Better plan clan events. Kay thanks..



Smidoc-dan, Dec 6, 10 3:54 AM.
Also i added a link to Runescape Wikia on the side bar under information if u want to check it out. Kay
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Welcome, any one wishing to join Zenith who is not already a member in game, should take some time and explore the forums and see if we are right for you. While we have no official requirements to join we often do events that require you to be around lvl 90+. -Management
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